Dearest clients and friends of mine,
I'm posting here because a lot of things have happened in
the last few weeks of my life where I am being pointed in the
direction of swapping time between Oregon and Arizona. The state of
Portlands' current rental market is insane as you all know and as my
current living situation fell out from underneath me, there's no
better time nor worse time to do something like this than now.

My intention is to go down there to see if I can perhaps start a
second location. This is going to take a while and I will be gone for
at least six months the 1st stint of time to start beginning to build
my own foundation down there. I also want to begin a modality of
healing touch and begin to develop a practice as well with what I've
been practicing at the shampoo bowl with all of you.

The shop will continue to run as usual just with a floating manager
instead of myself! The online booking for several stylists is still
available as well as direct contact is also available. My ladies would
love to continue to serve you and have you have a homebase for good
hair. Hopefully when I return around the holidays we can catch one
another and the times after that as well. I will try to be coming back
every 3 to 4 months as this unfolds. My stylists are all building and taking customers and have room for you. If you want an individual recommend just email me or text me.

I am rolling out of Portland as of the 18th of June. I wasn't sure what was going to happen
if I didn't find a place to live at a decent price! So I do apologize
for this, however i'm just as surprised as you are. I would love for
you to still get fabulous hair and patron the good saint Fancy!

Please email or text me if you want get a direct recommendation.

Please think good thoughts for me as I drive myself down to the hot
hot heat! I wish you all nothing but the best and adore participating
in your lives you've allowed me to do. Every single one of you helps
me thrive not just survive. SO much love to you on this day, I can't
wait to see what's next for all of us!

Love love love you, and your hair!

Heather Feather


I am fascinated by the cranium. All parts of it! I love to really take a good hard look at you and your natural hairs tenancies to best appropriate your hairstyle for you. Weather it be wash and go, with a little product, or if you're a daily styler.  I want to suit a hairstyle for your lifestyle. I don't just want to cut your hair, I want to get to know YOU so you and your hair can evolve together.

I've been circling my clients heads for over 12 years now and I couldn't imagine a far better profession to be involved in. I adore each and every one of YOU as individuals and try to approach you where you're at and work on your goals with you. Good hair doesn't happen overnight, but we sure as hell can try! I adore short cuts, long cuts, and anything I between. Really though, i LOVE change and if thats what you're seeking I am your gal.  I am also astute at watching curl patterns and shrinkage factors. I also get along quite well with children and teens, I try to take the fuss out of the emotion of the hair and just have fun with them as much as they will let me! Bold colors or subtle tones, let's help you find yourself in all that hair up there, eh? I want you to love your hair, and yourself.








Kids (10 and under)


Extra Long or Thick Hair

add $10+

Bang Trims

Free For Current Clients



STYLING/Chemical Services

Shampoo & Style


Flat Iron


Perm (Includes Cut)


Chemical Straightener or Root Retouch
*Consultation Required



Keratin Smoothing


Deep Conditioning Treatment
Scalp Manipulation + Blowout




All Over Color
ammonia free option $10+


Bleach (all over)                                                                                                                  $95

Bleach Touch Up






Partial Highlight / Balayage


Full Highlight / Balayage


Duo Color + Highlights